Printed Materials

1. Al-Liqa’ Arabic language quarterly review 1985- Present

Al-Liqa’ review is the coronation of the activities of Al-Liqa’ Center and its many publications. It is a quarterly journal focusing on religious, heritage and social issues. The journal deals with topics of utmost importance and sensitivity. It discusses these topics in the spirit of the researcher and the scrutinizer. The first issue of Al-Liqa’ review was issued in 1985. This review and scholarship continued to be issued until this day in which we celebrate the passage of twenty two years since the first issue of the journal was issued. I say with all pride and glory that Al-Liqa’ review is considered one of the better journals published in the Arab world. The scientific and various articles and the published documents in it are considered important scientific references in the seminaries, colleges, universities and private religious schools. The concern of Al-Liqa’ review was and still is cultural and educational development in Christianity and Islam and in publishing articles which focused on religious dialogue and contextualized theology in addition to articles in literature, history archeology, education, etc… Al-Liqa’ review is credited with developing some of the activities of Al-Liqa’ Center such as the Contextualized Theology Conference and publishing a series of books and publications.

It should be mentioned that numbers 1 and 2 of the eleventh year (1996) contain indexes of the first ten years of Al-Liqa’ quarterly, 1985-1995.

Numbers 1 and 2 of the year twenty first (2006) contain complete indexes of the content of Al-Liqa’ quarterly for the second ten years, 1996-2005.

In the Silver Jubilee of the Al-Liqa’ quarterly (1985-2010), a complete index of the content, 1985-2010 was published in a special volume and also you can find it on al-Liqa Center website.

2. Al-Liqa’ Journal (in English) 1992-Present

Al-Liqa’ Journal in the English Language: It is a sister of Al-Liqa’ quarterly review. Currently, volume 37 (December 2011) has been published. This research journal is aimed at the international community. There are many and varied topics in it which are of interest to the Palestinians. It aims to get the West acquainted with our local church, the mother church, and with the concerns and hopes of the Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land. It also sheds light on the Arab civilization and heritage and the most important publications and books in the Holy Land. The journal is published biannually. In addition to the aforementioned topics, the journal focuses on the issues of interfaith dialogue, Islamic – Christian relations, coexistence in Palestine and dialogue among religions and cultures.

3. Al-Liqa’ Message in the Arabic language: It is a bulletin which since 1993 directed at the local society. It contains the most important activities and events of the Center. It contains reports on the new publications of the Center and the participations of its members in international activities, in addition to a list of the names of the Center’s publications and their prices. This bulletin is published two times a year and it is distributed free with AL-Liqa’ review in the Arabic language.

4. Al-Liqa’ Newsletter in the English language: It is a bulletin which since 1989 has been recording the most important activities of Al-Liqa’ Center and conveys them to the outside world. The Newsletter includes reports on the most important activities of the Center, its new publications and the participations of its members in the international activities, in addition to a list of titles of publications by Al-Liqa’ Center and their prices. This bulletin is published two times a year and it is directed at the international community. It is distributed free with Al-Liqa’ Journal in the English language.

5. Other Publications by Al-Liqa’ Center 1983- Present

Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies which was established on an idea which crystallized in the mind of a number of fervent nationalistic Palestinian Muslims and Christians was in fact established for the sake of the society and the sublimity of its citizens. Since that time, which is since its establishment until today, the activities of the Center in all their forms revolve around one goal which is reinforcing national unity among the children of our Palestinian people and creating an awareness of Arab identity and Christian and Islamic Arab heritage. The conferences, study days, workshops and other activities organized by the Center all serve these sublime goals. In order to crystallize this thought and to convey it to Palestinians in all parts of the homeland, we have the written word, and it is a true and believing Palestinian Arab word which serves the Muslim and the Christian in the mosque and the church so that they build together hand in hand Palestine which we dream of.

1.      Proceedings of “The Arab Heritage for Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land Conference” (better known as Christian – Muslim Dialogue Conference), 1983- Present

2.      Proceedings of “The Arab Theology for Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land Conference” (better known as Palestinian Contextualized Theology Conference), 1987- Present

3.      There are a number of publications and various books dealing with different topics: religious, social and cultural and also there are many relevant documents.  For a list of these publications, see Al-Liqa’ Newsletter and Al-Liqa’ Message.