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Volume  5

July, 1995

 Suerman, Harald

Palestinian Contextual Theology

p. 7 – 26

Henningson, Jan

Contemprary Understanding of Human Rights in Islam

p. 27 – 54

Asali, Kamil J.

Jerusalem In History: Notes On the Origins of the City and its Tradition of Tolerance

p. 55 – 68

Alana, Olu Emmanuel

The Gospel as the Basis of Mutual Co-existence in a Pluralistic Nation

p. 69 – 81

Khoury, Geries S.

The Importance of Jerusalem for Christians-A Palestinian Christian’s Perspective

p. 83 – 94

Younan, Munib

Aspirations of Interfaith Dialogue for the Future of the Region

p. 95 – 101

Al-Liqa’ Center

Report on the 8th Conference on Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land (1995)

p. 103 – 107

Al-Liqa’ Center

Jerusalem: City of Peace Statement by the US Heads of Church

p. 109 – 111


Proceedings of the LWF’s Standing Committee for International Affairs and Human Rights 

p. 113 – 116

Musallam, Adnan

Jerusalem between Religious Freedom and Political Sovereignty (Book Review)

p. 117 - 121