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Volume 4

Dec., 1994

Al-Liqa’ Center


p.  7 – 8

Musallam, Adnan

Islam and Society: The Emergence of the Islamicist Sayyid Qutb and his “Social Justice” Theme, 1945-1948

p.  9 – 40

Al-Jarbawi, Ali

The Position of Palestinian Islamists on the Palestine-Israel Accord

p. 41 – 90

Salih, Salih Lutfi

The Islamic Movement Inside the Green Line Expectations and Challenges

p. 91 – 123

Al-Barghuti, Abdel-Karim

Islam and Democracy

p.125– 135

Al-Liqa’ Center

Report on the 7th Conference on Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land (1994)

p.137– 142

Al-Liqa’ Center

Report on the 12th Conference on Christian-Muslim Dialogue (1994)

p. 143– 146

Al-Liqa’ Center

The Significance of Jerusalem for Christian. Memorandum of their Beatitudes the Patriarchs and of the Heads of Christian Communities in Jerusalem

p. 147– 156

Zoughbi, Saleem

Religion, Law and Society, Tarik Mitri (Editor).

p. 157– 163