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Volume 37

Dec., 2011

Khoury, Geries S.

Jerusalem: One City, Two Peoples and Three Religions in Search of Peace

p. 4-35

Katanacho, Yohanna

Approaches to the Bible 

p. 36-41

Banko, Lauren E.

The Legislative Creation of Palestinian Citizenship: Discourses in the Early Mandate Period

p. 42-80

Musallam, Adnan

Al-Kashshaf, Bethlehem, 1934 – 1937

p. 81-93

Shomali, Qustandi

An Introduction to Palestinian Folklore

p. 94-113

Al-Liqa’ Center

Proceedings of the of the 23rd session of the Christian – Muslim Dialogue Conference, September 2011

p. 114-118

Al-Liqa’ Center

Report on a Study Day on: “Shared Living in the Coming State”; 1 December 2011

p. 119-121

Al-Liqa’ Center

Proceedings of the 19th Session of the Palestinian Contextual Theology Conference, December 2011.

p. 122-127

Laham, Gregorios III

Speech at the Inauguration of the Liqaa Meeting Centre, Rabweh; Lebanon - 10 May 2011

p. 128-133

Jean Louis, Cardinal Tauran

Vatican Message to Muslims for Ramadan 2011

p. 134-135

Pope Benedict XVI

Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the celebration of the World Day of Peace

p. 136-151