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Volume 36

June, 2011

Gabriel, Ingeborg

Islam in Austria

p. 4-26

Sabbah, Michael

What Do We Understand By Middle - of - the - Roadism or  Intransigence in the Religious Discourse?

p. 27-34

'Abbad, 'Abd Al-Rahman

Religious Discourse between Middle-of-the-Roadism and Intransigence

p. 35-55

Khoury, Geries S.

Quality of Christian Presence in Our Society and the Challenges Facing It

p. 56-84

Musallam, Adnan

Political Instability as Reflected in the Local Palestinian Press in the British Era: A Study of “Sawt ash –Sha‘b” (Voice of the People), Bethlehem 1922-1939, 1947-1948

p. 85-101

Katanacho, Yuhanna

The Christian and Ramadan

p. 102-106

Hazboun, Louis

The Priest – A Life of Witness

p. 107-115

Al-Liqa’ Center

Report on the Palestinian Contextual Theology (PCT) Conference, 24-26 February 2011

p. 116-119