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Volume 34

June, 2010

Khoury, Geries S.

The Arab Christian Youth in Galilee: Uncertainty, Worries and Fears

p. 4-29

Sabella, Bernard

The Christian Youth in Galilee: An Identity Searching For Stability

p. 30-46

Mansour, Johnny

The Arab Christian Presence in Galilee Politically and Economically

p. 47-78

Muallem, Ebtisam

The Role of Christian Arabs in Galilee in Education: From the Beginning of Jewish Settlements and Until Today

p. 79-90

Shlewit, Ziad

The Role of Christian Arabs in the Press in Galilee: From the Beginning of the Jewish Settlements and Until Today

p. 91-106

Khoury, Hatem

Confronting the Challenges Faced by the Christian Arab Youth in Galilee

p. 107-120

Al-Liqa’ Center

Questionnaire “The Christian Arab Youth in Galilee, Where To?”(2009)

p. 121-140

Musallam, Adnan

Palestinian Historical Discourse and Narrative, Windows of Opportunities and Prospects for Healing and Reconciliation in the Holy Land

p. 141-151

Al-Liqa’ Center

The 17th Session of Palestinian Contextualized Theology Conference, 4-6 February 2010, St. Elias Monastery (Stella Maris) – Haifa

p. 152-159