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Volume 30

July, 2008

Musallam, Adnan

From Wars to Nakbeh: Developments in Bethlehem, Palestine, 1917-1949

p. 7-36

Shomali, Qustandi

A Semiotic Analysis of the Image of the United States in the Palestinian Press

p. 37-66

Khoury, Geries S.

Culture and conflict in the Middle East context

p. 67-90

Al-Liqa’ Center

Al-Liqa’ Center Celebrates the Silver Jubilee, 1982-2007, 15 February 2008

p. 91-140

Al-Liqa’ Center

“From Fasting to Easter: A Church Vision in Galilee”, 15th Session of the Palestinian Contextualized Theology Conference, Al-Liqa’ Center, Ibillin, 2 February 2008.

p. 141-143

Sabbah, Michael

Easter Message 2008

p. 145-147