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Volumes 20/21

Dec., 2003

Khoury, Rafiq

Between Herod and Jesus: Christian Meditation in a Dark Night

p. 1-27

Sabella, Bernard

Emigrations of Christian Arabs: Motivating Factors and Challenges of Survival

p. 28-41

Al-Raheb, Viola

Identity and Future of Christian in the Holy Land

p. 42-55

Al-Hamarneh, Saleh

The Role of the Christian Arab in Presenting the issues of his Nation

p. 56-65

Khader, Jamal

The Church in the Holy Land: Expectations and Challenges

p. 66-70

Tarawneh, Suleiman

Role of Muslim Arabs in Supporting Christian Arab Presence

p. 71-84

Al-Liqa, Center

Al-Liqa’ 11th session of the conference on theology and the local Church in the Holy Land (Palestinian Contextualized theology): Christian Presence in Palestine (27, 28, 29 June 2003)

p. 85-87

Al-Liqa’ Center

Al-Liqa’ 17th session of the Conference on the Arab Christian and Muslim Heritage in the Holy Land (the 20th Anniversary of the Conference): Dialogue and the Uni-Polar World Order (21, 22, 23 August 2003)

p. 88-92

Suermann, Harald

On the Occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of al-liqa’ center

p. 93-96

Al-Liqa’ Center

The Christians Arab’s Conference, Amman 11 March 2002, Concluding Statement

p. 97-100

Bader, Rifa’at

Conference of Christian Arabs: An Ecclesiastical Step or a Passing Summer Cloud: a Reading and Evaluation

p. 101-113