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Volumes 14/15

Dec., 2000

Sabbah, Michael

The Church and Its Prophetic Voice In Society and In the Word

p. 1 – 7

Khoury, Geries

Church and Culture In Palestine

p. 9 – 38

Khoury, Rafiq

Palestinian Contextual Theology: Its March And Its Message

p. 39 – 88

Musallam, Adnan

Christian Arabs and the Palestinian Question: Prophetic Voices at the End of the Ottoman Era, 1882-1918

p. 89 – 111

Mansour, Johnny

Local Church and the Palestinian Question in the Twentieth Century, 1918-1948

p. 113 - 146 

Zoughbi, Zoughbi

The Prophetic Voice of the Church, 1948-1967

p. 147 – 167

Khoury, Geries

The Local Church and the Palestinian Question: 1967-1991

p. 169 – 178

Hazboun, Louis

The Future of the Church between Unity And Pluralism

p. 179 – 201

Du Brul, Peter, S.J.

The Holy Trinity: Obstacle or Path to Interreligious Dialogue with a Commentary on John Milkbank’s Theology And Social Theory: Beyond Secular Reason

p. 203 – 219