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Volumes  11/12

June/Dec. 1998

Khoury, Rafiq

Bases, Nature and Aspirations of Christian-Muslim Arab Dialogue in the Holy Land

p. 6 – 30

Raheb, Mitri

The Political and Ecclesiastical Situation of Christianity in the Arabin Peninsula from the End of the Sixth Century to the Seventh Century

p. 31 – 55

Bastirus, Salem

Christian-Muslim Relations: Past, Present and A Future Vision

p. 56 – 87

Khoury, Rafiq

The Future of Muslim-Christian Relations in Palestine

p. 88 – 113

Al-Asad, Nasser Al-Deen

A Future Vision of Muslim-Christian Relations in the Arab World

p. 114 – 125

Abu Katteh, Mahmoud

The Outlook of a Muslim towards Christians throughout History

p. 126 – 152

‘Ayyoush, Thiab

Religious Phenomenon: Religiosity or Fanaticism

p. 153 – 159

Al-Mawla, Sa’ud

On Muslim-Christian

p. 160 – 171

Hammami, Jameel

The Muslim Christian Relationship in Palestine under a Civil Society: An Islamic Point of View

p. 172 – 185

Zoughbi, Zoughbi

Christian–Muslim Relation in Palestine: A Personal view

p. 186 – 189

Al-Liqa Center

15 Years of Al-Liqa’ Center’s Christian-Muslim Dialogue Conferences, 1983-1998

p. 190 – 195

Al-Liqa’ Center

The 15th Session of Al-Liqa’ Center’s Christian-Muslim Dialogue Conference, Aug. 27-29,1998

p. 196 – 197

Al-Liqa’ Center

The Tenth Conference of Al-Liqa’ Center’s on the Theology and the Local Church, Dec.18-19, 1998

p. 198 – 199

Al-Liqa’ Center (Reports)

A Report on the Youth Weekend Meetings Christian-Muslim-Jewish Interfaith Dialogue, Feb. 6-7,1998

p. 200 – 201