Al-liqa' Upcoming Events


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·        Visitors:

An Italian group will visit Al-Liqa Center on 19 November and another one on the 28th of the same month.

·        Lectures

-        Dr. Khoury will participate in a panel in Jerusalem on: “The Sharing living in Jerusalem”. This panel is organized by Sabeel Center on the 20th of Nov. 2014.

-        Dr. Khoury will deliver a lecture to the employees and friends of the Bible Society – Jerusalem on the 28th of Nov. 2014. The lecture will be on “The values of peace and tolerance in Christianity”. The lecture will be in Jericho at the Intercontinental Hotel at 9:00am.

·        Conference at Haifa University
24 Dec. 2014

The conference theme is “Interfaith, peace building and nonviolence”. Dr. Khoury will deliver a lecture on “Christian stand on interfaith dialogue and its role in peace making”.

·        Book launching
4 Dec. 2014

At Bethlehem University Al-Liqa and Sabeel Centers will present their publication on “Peaceful resistance in Islam and Christianity” on the 4th of Dec. 2014 at 12:00.