An Italian Pax Christi group headed by Father Nandino Visit Al-liqa Center

28 August 2013

For several years Al-Liqa’ Center have been hosting an Italian Pax Christi group headed by Father Nandino. The group visited the center on Wednesday 28 August 2013 and met with Dr. Geries S. Khoury who focused on the present situation in the Holy Land and the peace process as well as the importance of interfaith dialogue. The importance of dialogue and its Goal is to listen to the other with respect, patience in order to get to know the other’s thinking and dogma. These days dialogue is needed in light of what is happening in the Arab world. Christians and Muslims need to work together in view of the many changes and challenges taking place. On the other hand Dr. Khoury underlined the importance of local Palestinian contextual theology in helping local Christians to steadfast in their faith and in their understanding of the Bible.