Pilgrims from the Church of Norway Visit

12 April 2013

Dr. Geries S. Khoury met with the pilgrims who were led by a Bishop from the Lutheran Church of Norway. Dr. Khoury spoke on the development of contextual theology from the early 1980’s and he stressed the aims and goals of Al-Liqa’ Center, that is Muslim Christian Dialogue in the Holy Land, its history and the relations between the children of the one nation since the inception of the Islamic religion. In addition, Dr. Khoury pointed out the importance of the message of local church concerning its relation with the Muslims, its stand toward the Palestinian problem, its demand for justice and peace and its prophetic voice, its demand from the world to support rights, justice and the accomplishment of world peace. A discussion and many questions were followed.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Norwegian Bishop thanked Dr. Khoury for his comprehensive presentation; and expressed his esteem and admire to the Al-Liqa Center programs, activities and publications.