Al-Liqa Center

Scientific Research


Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land announces the publication of refereed researches in the following subjects:

I.     Arab Christian Topics

1.     Contextualized Arab Christian Theology before and after the Islam.

2.     Contextualized Arab Christian Theology in the writings of the Fathers of Eastern Church.

3.     The stand of Contextualized Theology from the concepts of “land”, “Promise” and “Covenant” in the Bible.

4.     Contextualized Theology as an “ecumenical” factor.

5.     Contextualized Theology and dialogue with Heavenly Religions.

6.     Contextualized Theology and dialogue with “extremism”.

7.     Contextualized Theology in facing Contemporary challenges such as: globalization, values, unipolar system, democracy, pluralism, human rights, etc.

8.     Western policies and its negative and positive impacts on Christian Arabs.

9.     Christian Arab Presence and the future?

10.  The Arab Christian contextualized theology and the Palestinian Problem: justice, peace, Jerusalem, right of return etc…

11.  Other topics of relevance.

II.            Islamic Topics

1.     Shura (Consultation) and democracy in Islam.

2.     “Jihad” in Islam.

3.     Islam’s stand toward violence and terrorism.

4.     Justice and Peace in the Islamic dogma.

5.     Islam and contemporary challenges: electronic media, internet, globalization, unipolar system, democracy, pluralism, human rights satellite stations etc…

6.     Islam and pluralism.

7.     Interfaith dialogue with other heavenly religions.

8.     “Ijtihad” in Islam

9.     Woman’s rights in Islam: education, work, public life, personal freedoms, etc.

10.  Pressing issues in interfaith dialogue believe the three heavenly religious.

11.  Other topics of interest.

All researches who would like to take part in this publishing scheme, must meet the following:

1.     Submitted research must meet scientific standards and must have not    

     been published elsewhere.

2.     Research should be 25-30 pages (A4), typed with one space in a simplified Arabic. Research must be submitted with a disc.

3.     Each research will be given to a committee of specialized referees, in order to decide on the acceptance, rejection or the need for changes in the research.

4.     Researchers must submit a typed summary addressed to Al-Liqa’ Center before writing the research.

5.     Upon acceptance of the research, the material will become under the ownership of Al-Liqa’ and it cannot be published else where.

6.     Accepted researches will be awarded 500$ (Five Hundred Dollar) each.

7.     Researchers must submit their proposal no later than a month and a half from the date of this announcement in the paper.

8.     Researchers have two months and a half following the acceptance of proposal to finalize their papers.

9.     Al-Liqa’ Center is not responsible for acceptance of researches if they arrive after the agreed date.

10.  For further information, please contact the Center at 02-2750134 or 02-2742321 or via e-mail at: al-liqa@p-ol.com