Dr. Khoury at Al-Sufaniyyah Family in Shafa ‘Amr

2 March 2010

Dr. Geries S. Khoury, Director of Al-Liqa’ Center, was hosted by “Al-Sufaniyyah Family” in Shafa ‘Amr to discuss the survey that was carried out by Al-Liqa’ concerning the youth of Galilee. Many leading lay and clerics of the area attended including Rev. Fr. Andrawus Bahhuth, Melkite Catholic Parish Priest, Rev. Fu’ad Dagher, Sr. Nihad ‘Indari, the Head of the Sisters’ Monastery where the hosting of Dr. Khoury took place, and Shammas Sulayman Sayegh and the “young people of the Apostles”. Also attending were the sisters of the hosting institution and Acting Mayor, Mr. Geries Hanna and members of the Municipality, Ibrahim Shleweit, Naseem Jarrus, Nizar Elias and many others. Moderator of the evening was ‘Abeer Elias Bahhuth.




 The lecture of Dr. Geries revolved around the questionnaire which was delivered and discussed in Al-Liqa’s local Theology Conference at Mar Elias in February 2010. The focus of the research was the thinking of young Christian people of Galilee, their identity, their future, emigration from the land, political solution of the conflict, their work and university education as well as their relations with members of other religion etc…




Dr. Khoury also examined in his lecture Christian presence in the East and its contribution to Eastern and Western cultures and sciences stressing that Christian presence in the East is an authentic presence. He asked young people to hold on and be proud of this presence.

Dr. khoury added that young people who answered the questions were true in their feelings. Dr. Khoury accused private and official schools for ignoring Christian presence in the school curriculum. Arab leaders ignore this presence as well.

At the conclusion of the lecture, a question and an answer session took place.

Mr. Samer ‘Azzam, The head of “Al-Sufaniyya Family”, thanked Dr. Geries and his excellent presentation and all those attending.