Presentation and Discussion

Four Researches submitted to Al-Liqa’ Center


16 April 2010
The Bethlehem Hotel - Bethlehem

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Al-Liqa’ Center organized a gathering comprising researchers, academicians, clerics and community leaders, to discuss the studies of four Palestinians researchers titled “Islam’s stand for violence and terrorism”, “Women’s rights in Islam”, and “Al-Ijtihad in Islam: Historical Crises and Contemporary Situation.”

At the beginning of the panel, Dr. Geries S. Khoury, Director of Al-Liqa’ Center, welcomed the audience and researchers and explained the importance of Al-Liqa’s decisive step to invite researchers to submit their studies. When accepted, researchers would be awarded a modest financial reward. Each of the four researchers: Mr. Labib Taha from Ramallah, Mrs. Amneh Al-Kilani from Jenin, Mr. Zuheir Al-Dab’I from Nablus, and Sheikh Muhannad Yousef Al-Haj Ahmed from Nablus presented their studies. Following each researcher’s presentation, a detailed question and answer followed.

Dr. Khoury at the conclusion of the research presentations asked Palestinian researchers throughout the country to submit their studies on dialogue and other studies relating to Islam and Christian Arabs taking into consideration conditions of publications that are clearly pointed out in Al-Liqa’s web site.

Each researcher was then presented with a modest financial reward by Al-Liqa’ Center’s Board of Trustees. This was followed by a reception held in honor of researchers.