A MESSAGE FROM AL-LIQA CENTER

Brothers, Sisters and Friends of Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious, Heritage and Cultural Studies in the Holy Land

Greetings coupled with the best wishes,

Recently I received contacts from a number of the friends and lovers of Al-Liqa’ Center inquiring about the “activities of the Center and its proceedings.”

I am very happy because there are enthusiastic and devoted persons   to the message of the Center and its intellectual and cultural heritage which was begun by the late Dr. Geries Sa’ad Khoury. Out of honesty and objectivity, it is inevitable to point out that the Center is going through a financial crisis like many of the Palestinian educational, cultural and religious institutions.

Despite the difficulties, we together with His Beatitude Patriarch Michel  Sabbah , His Excellency Bishop Munib Younan and His Excellency  Bishop Attallah Hanna, and myself, are seeking to maintain  the march  of Al-Liqa’ and its distinguished message in “ dialogue and meeting among the religions and civilizations” and strengthening  the relations between the  individuals of the one homeland, in addition to following up the Christian affair in the  wounded and  harmed East.

Thus the activities are continuous in many forms. Sometimes we are obliged to suffice ourselves with limited and un-costly activities, and at the same time we are currently seeking to renew reviving the Center by a new generation who carries the torch of accord and meeting and who believes in the message of the Center in common living and preserving the values of pluralism and the values of justice, peace and freedom.

With many thanks and appreciation for all

Dr. Yousef Zaknoun