His Beatitude Emeritus
Patriarch Michael Sabbah

I see in this group of Muslim and Christian believers, who opted for the path of dialogue, an example to emulate and a religious necessity by which each believer strengthens his faith.

For each believer becomes more faithful to God when he believes in his fellow man. According to St. John’s First letter (4:20):

If anyone says, “I love God”, and hates his brother, he is a liar for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.

Each believer is in need of Al-Liqa’ Center’s programs, in order to adjust his path to God in light of the reality in which his fellow man lives, so as to know him and to serve him better.

By listening to others we pay tribute to God and by abasing others we depart from God’s commandment. On the other hand, ignorance of others is a diminution of God’s right and man’s right.

Dialog is one of the characteristics of the local church and of this country, given the great variety of its religious and cultural communities.

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Al-liqa Visitors

Italian Pilgrims from Vicenza Parish Visit Al-liqa Center
11 March 2014

Dr. Geries S. Khoury met with a group of pilgrims from the Italian Vicenza Parish who wanted to hear about developments in the Holy Land and in the Arab world and their impact on Christian presence and shared living with Muslims. The pilgrims wanted to hear as well about Al-Liqa’ Center and its programs, especially the Christian Muslim dialogue and Palestinian contextual theology.. . . . .

 Al-Liqa Activities

Al-Liqa Panel titled:

Fifty Years between the Visit of Pope Paul VI
and the Visit of Pope Francis I to the Holy Land (1964-2014)

2 April 2013
Bethlehem Hotel - Bethlehem

Al-Liqa Wednesday Fourm

Wednesday Forum titled:

“Is the Two-States Solution Possible or Not?”

Lecture by Professor Aziz Haidar

Thursday 13 March 2014
Al-liqa center hall - Bethlehem

Al-Liqa - Youth Group Meeting

Al-Liqa’ Youth Group Meeting

Al-Liqa’ Center has always focused on the importance of youth in shared living in the Holy Land. At the initiative of two educators with the assistance of the secretary of the Center, a group of young people, males and females, Muslims and Christians were invited to the Center to establish Al-Liqa’ Youth Group and were introduced to the center. . . . more

Thursday, 20 February 2014
Al-liqa center hall - Bethlehem

Al-Liqa - Board of Trustees Meeting

Al-Liqa’ Center’s Board of Trustees Meeting

The  Al-Liqa Board of Trustees met to discuss future programs of the Center. Dr. Khoury thanked all Board members for their continuous support and exertion of efforts to make the various Al-Liqa’s programs successful. Following the meeting Board members and other friends of Al-Liqa’ visited H. E. Brigader Isma’il Farraj to congratulate him on his promotion. . . . more

Saturday, 1 February 2014
Al-liqa center hall - Bethlehem

Al-Liqa Visitors

Lecturers and Students from the Catholic Theological Union – Chicago Visit

Al-Liqa’ Center was visited by a group of lecturers and students from the Catholic Theological Union – Chicago led by Dr. Scott Alexander. The delegation comprised Jews, Christians and Muslims. The group was hosted by Dr. Geries S. Khoury who presented a detailed march and development of contextual theology in general and Palestinian theology in particular. . . morere

28 January 2014
Al-liqa center hall - Bethlehem

 Al-Liqa Activities

A literary Evening with several leading literary figures participation

In the second day of the conference on Theology and Local church, a literary event took place in which several leading literary figures participated in the event with their own production ...

11 January 2014
Manger Square Hotel - Bethlehem

Al-Liqa Conference

Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land Conference
(Palestinian Contextual Theology Conference)
21st Session

 “On the Steps of the Arab Christian Heritage in Palestine”

10-12 January 2014
Manger Square Hotel - Bethlehem

 Al-Liqa Activities

Joint Christmas Celebrations - Christmas Evening

At the invitation of Al-Liqa’ Center, a very distinctive Christmas Evening of celebrations took place with leading and other members of the community both Christians and Muslims attending this annual event ...

10 January 2014
Manger Square Hotel - Bethlehem

Al-Liqa Center - Articles

About Which Future Are Christians Looking For?

Dr. Geries Sa’ad Khoury

Permit me if I said in utter frankness that I am not a member in the choir of those who are worried about the future of Arab Christians. This is so because I believe that the mere positing of such questions may cause in one form or another deepening the divisions in the one society and among the citizens of the one people. I ask: Is my future different from the future of the Muslim? Does my obtaining a job, a house and all the requirements and luxuries which I need provide me with comfort and security if my Muslim neighbor or Muslim citizens suffer from injustice, unemployment, poverty and instability? .... Read more

Al-Liqa New Publications:

Al-liqa' Newsletter in Arabic,  Volume 23, December 2013
Al-liqa' Newsletter in English,  Volume 47, December 2013
Al-liqa' Journal in English,  Volume 41, December 2013
Al-liqa' Journal in Arabic,  Volume 4, year 2013
Fr. Rafiq Khoury book in Arabic


Scientific Research

Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land announces
the publication of refereed researches in different subjectsts

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